In English

This site is for Bujinkan Huovi dojo, situated in Säkylä, Finland. It is a training group for martial art Bujinkan budô taijutsu.

The dojo is run by daishihan Jukka Nummenranta.

If you have any questions or wish to train with us, please send mail to  nuranta(at)

Here’s some of the Finnish articles translated to English. Not all of them, because one reason for creating this site is to publish Bujinkan-related information not readily found in Finnish…

Short run-through of the art itself.

Introduction to BHD.

The art’s history from a Finnish viewpoint.

Thoughts about the martial arts and history.

Different Japanese swords briefly explained.

Background info on two spear weapons.

In 2004, shihan Arnaud Cousergue taught a seminar in Helsinki and asked participants to write an article about some aspect of it. This is what I came up with back then.

Thoughts about climbing the ladder.

The fifth dan test used in Bujinkan.

The numerous kata.

Short vocabulary concerning Bujinkan and the articles on this website. There’s also the Finnish explanations – so you can learn the language…

List of recommended reading (some of which are Finnish titles).

List and description of various weapons, tools ja utensils.