Bujinkan kata

To possibly lessen the anxiety for not remembering a certain kata… as far as I know:

Togakure-ryû Ninpô taijutsu 51 kata

Gyokko-ryû Kosshijutsu 52 kata

Kotô-ryû Koppôjutsu 76 kata

Kukishinden Happô hikenjutsu 413 kata

Shinden Fudô-ryû Dakentaijutsu 83 kata

Shinden Fudô-ryû Jûtaijutsu 79 kata

Takagi Yôshin-ryû Jûtaijutsu 126 kata

Gyokushin-ryû Ninpô 13 kata

Gikan-ryû Koppôjutsu 0 kata

Kumogakure-ryû Ninpô 0 kata

Total 893 kata

In addition to those, mainly in Hatsumi’s older books there’s 515 kata without ryûha named.

So the grand total is 1408 kata

There’s something to remember! …if that’s what one is after.

Because of “lack of space” I leave out the names… instead here’s a kamae bonus:

Togakure-ryû Ninpô taijutsu 22 kamae

Gyokko-ryû Kosshijutsu 18 kamae

Kotô-ryû Koppôjutsu 5 kamae

Kukishinden Happô hikenjutsu 89 kamae (many similar with different weapons)

Shinden Fudô-ryû Dakentaijutsu 2 kamae

Shinden Fudô-ryû Jûtaijutsu 5 kamae

Takagi Yôshin-ryû Jûtaijutsu 9 kamae

Gyokushin-ryû Ninpô 0 kamae

Gikan-ryû Koppôjutsu 0 kamae

Kumogakure-ryû Ninpô 0 kamae

Total 150 kamae

Outside of the ryûha 140 kamae

Grand total 290 kamae.

– Jukka Nummenranta, daishihan, dôjô-chô

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